Will Jeon So-mi debut as 10th member of TWICE?

Now that Jeon Somi has gained experience from Sixteen, Produce 101, and I.O.I will TWICE be next?  On November 1st, 2016, during an encore performance, Somi participated in a celebratory bow with TWICE. It’s (very very very) apparent that Jeon Somi fits well into the group and is reported to be best friends with TWICE’s Chaeyoung. Regardless of weather or not she will become TWICE’s 10th member, I certainly hope she has the opportunity to debut her talent under JYP Entertainment. I wish all members of I.O.I the very best once they disband after  January 31, 2017.

Jeon Somi TWICE 10th member?
artwork by: LuisMoreno.Net
Jean Somi on stage with TWICE
Jean Somi on stage with TWICE