“Strawberry Swing” on the Game Boy

Tribute to Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” – Cover art homage of Strawberrysw1ng from Instagram

strawberrysw1ng by MORENO artwork
Tribute to “Strawberry Swing” by MORENO artwork


Spirit Bomb 元気玉 is the 2015 “Encore Expansion Pak” to Onerom’s 2014 EP entitled “Kindered Spirits”

Six classic Dragon Ball opening themes get the Onerom treatment in this special one-of-a-kind chiptune tribute! All the themes were recreated on a Nintendo Game Boy utilizing a program called LSDJ.


8-bit tribute to “The Franchise of WCW”: Sting!

After over 13 long years since the demise of WCW, the 2014 Survivor Series marked the highly anticipated WWE debut of “The Franchise of WCW”: Sting!  Inspired by Sting’s return, Ricky Brugal and OneRom team up as “hot TAG” to create this 8-bit remix entitled “Seclusion”, honoring Sting’s “Crow inspired” entrance theme originally composed by Jimmy Hart & Howard Helm. Download or stream via hot-tag.bandcamp.com

8-bit WWE Sting music

NEW EP: “Kindred Spirits” by Onerom

Download my new 8-bit EP exclusively on OneRomMusic.com

Kindred Spirits is a chip music tribute to the three major shows that influenced the American anime wave of the 90’s. In this EP the heroes from Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z each have invited special guests to this once in a lifetime celebration on 12.13.14.