Spirit Bomb 元気玉 is the 2015 “Encore Expansion Pak” to Onerom’s 2014 EP entitled “Kindered Spirits”

Six classic Dragon Ball opening themes get the Onerom treatment in this special one-of-a-kind chiptune tribute! All the themes were recreated on a Nintendo Game Boy utilizing a program called LSDJ.


8-bit tribute to “The Franchise of WCW”: Sting!

After over 13 long years since the demise of WCW, the 2014 Survivor Series marked the highly anticipated WWE debut of “The Franchise of WCW”: Sting!  Inspired by Sting’s return, Ricky Brugal and OneRom team up as “hot TAG” to create this 8-bit remix entitled “Seclusion”, honoring Sting’s “Crow inspired” entrance theme originally composed by Jimmy Hart & Howard Helm. Download or stream via

8-bit WWE Sting music

NEW EP: “Kindred Spirits” by Onerom

Download my new 8-bit EP exclusively on

Kindred Spirits is a chip music tribute to the three major shows that influenced the American anime wave of the 90’s. In this EP the heroes from Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z each have invited special guests to this once in a lifetime celebration on 12.13.14.